Dinosaur Feet with tissue and claws!



Good foot




While I was going through my fossil tracks, I found this… I could see the tissue hanging by the left side. Looking more closely, I could see the creature stepped in tissue which is clinging to it’s foot. It looks like the back claw popped off! It is very interesting. There is tissue and debris as well as sand on top. I thought it was a track with lots of detail but no, it is a petrified foot! It is 2.5″ long, nearly 2″ wide, and an inch deep.

Debris over foot

This is the debris on the top of the foot, it has tissue and assorted things.  Usually it is just sand.


Missing claw

This is where the back claw popped off.  The fossils from that area are 113 million years old!  I found the other foot, imagine that?   This one is more complete.  But you get both, they should be kept together.