Polar bear tooth amulet


People into healing look for these.  Bears are known for their power, great for hunters, too!


Here is a polar bear tooth amulet that you can make into a necklace!   It has been cleaned, stabilized  and polished.  It came from a Medicine Man’s necklace found on St Lawrence Island many years ago in Alaska.  The Eskimos didn’t settle the Native Land Claim Settlement Act until they got full control of what ever they found on their own property.  That makes fossil walrus ivory and all their artifacts perfectly legal to buy, sell and trade!

Enamel drys out easily and cracks.  The cracks you see are stabilized.  This is a really good tooth.  Wear it and it will absorb your moisture and oil, store it in plastic.

You can see it is nearly three and a half inches long, an inch and a quarter wide.