Fossil Gallery,Dinosaur Fossils, Article 1, “Rosetta Stone”



Rosetta Embryo
This fossil is the “Rosetta Stone” of embryos. Because the outer shell has worn away and because it is agatized, you can see how the embryo works. Two umbilical cords leave the placental mass, wind around the Sauropod and go into its mouth. The long neck drops down and the head rests against the lower leg. In this embryo, an arm can be seen drifting in the petrified fluid. Any Scientist would love to have it to study.  It is 2.25 x 2.25 and .75 deep, it is smaller and thicker than the T – Rex.
I’m asking $250,000 for it right now, the price might go up.  It is featured in my first Scientific Article, The Embryonic Development of Dinosaurs!