Shelter Cove


Wind blown ridges,
snow cave
Cubs snuggling together
Monarch of the ice pack
Provider, protector

Warm cove of safety,
Blissful babies lie,
Guarded by their mother’s
Fierce watchful eye.

Available in 3 sizes.
Shelter Cove Maquette (featured image) is a limited edition of 35It was released in 2003.

Dimensions: H 4.75in x W 6.5in x D 4.5in
Medium: Bronze
Subject: Polar Bear

Call for Prices: (541) 549-1140

Shelter Cove model is a limited edition of 75. It was released in1997.
Dimensions: H 7.5in x W 9in

Shelter Cove monument
Dimensions: H 37.5in x W 46in x D 38in