Rattle snake belts and coin beads

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  Of course, it seems that I have to do everything the hard way.  Well, years ago I was going to do a show in Tubec, Arizona and decided to make a rattlesnake belt.  Usually, when I use an animal for a model, they curl up in a ball and go to sleep.  That snake didn’t.  It stared right at me the whole time, his name was Gus.  Then, I needed lots of leather.  Both belts are about 54″ long 1″ – 1.25″ wide.  To get that length, I cut down the middle of an elk skin and made tapered strips, braided them and fitted them into the rattle and the head which I carved out of prehistoric whale bone.  The  bronze fangs hold the belts closed.  Folks have either loved or hated them through the years, great fun!  The larger one is $4,400,  the smaller one is $3,800.  Both for $7,500!  Call me for more info… 541-549-1140

When the price of gold was so high, I took my gold scrap to a metal buyer in Arizona.  Well, when he was weighing it up, right in front of me was a box of these coins.  He said he was going to melt them.  I saved them!  They are silver walking liberties and mercury head dimes that are domed and soldered together.  I have seen many shanked coins and conchos but never any like this.  Men and women have bought them.  They feel good as a choker.  Some are assembled with trade beads, but the buckskin knots look great. They are assembled in matching numbers.  Do you have a  numismatic on your list?  I might have his or her favorite date!  1946 – 1944 – 1943 – 1941 – 1936 – 1935 – 1934  Call in your order for these!  541-549-1140

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