Re-load for Regat!

Lets get ready for the new year!

Stealth Walker 

              by Jacques and Mary Regat  $2,375

   This georgeous sculpture represents one of the images the Regats made for their interpretation of the Eagle Spirit Legend.  It is 12″ x 14″ x 5″ and fits nicely on a desk. 

     Last year Stealth Walker was looking for love, did he find it?  This year he is looking for a spot on your mantle!

The Regats have done a huge body of work and they have worked in many different medias.  They eat, drink and sleep art.  Owing a piece of their work is like owing a piece of history!  


  Regat Sculpture   Peruse their work and order something now!  

 Contact Cha    541-549-1140

        To Share or not to share?   featuring…

               Rosebud  and  Catch of the Day


These two bronzes together are fun.  Mary made them with the same patina and they became a set!  Yours for $4,500   Or, you can order them separately… 

                      Rosebud   $2,425                 Catch of the Day  $2,075

Order these now and I’ll pay your shipping until January 5, 2018  And yes, you will               receive a small Dinosaur egg with each bronze you buy!  An irresistible offer!

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