Regat Legend Sculptures

Run of the Salmon People       $16,750

by   Jacques and Mary Regat               22″ tall x 33″ long   $600 shipping in USA

This is an edition of 55 and only a few of this sculpture are left to buy.  The legends that these sculptures represent are oral and intriguing.  Click this link to see more pictures and you will see there is a bar you click to hear the legend.  Jacques specializes in interperting these into bronze.  He has done so much research they are thinking about making a book with their sculptures and the legends they have used.  Most have matching lithographs of which only a few remain. They are real STONE lithographs.

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Eagle Spirit Legend  $27,500

by Jacques and Mary Regat                                    Very large  46″ x 23″                $1,300 shipping in USA

Jacques worked on this interpertation for years.  But, it is magnificent.  It tells the story of an ungrateful hunter who didn’t do the proper offerings or ceremonies when he killed an eagle. The eagle’s soul wasn’t released and it changed the balance of nature.  The Eagle Mothers heart was broken.  She made him redeem himself to get back the balance of nature. Click this for more…


Legend of the Copper Moon

by Jacques and Mary Regat    $9,950

31.5″ x 25″ x 10        $600 shipping in USA

This is a tall well balanced sculpture.  Jacques told me years ago that the idea of this Orca swimming over the backs of the other Orcas came to him in a dream, he had to do it!

                   Eagle Dance  

by Jacques and Mary Regat

The Eagle Mother is holding feathers over the dancer.  They come framed in two sizes, The large one 42.5 x 28″ is $2,025, the small one is $750. 

 Here are two more small but popular legend sculptures… 

                 King Louie, $1,450    and    The Totem Mosquito  $450

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