Shingledecker Polar Bears!

Meditation … $300,000       36″ x 24″

        This is the last major painting Bruce did before he passed in 2007.  

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Make a Wish …

Original … $175,000  36″ x 24″

AP’s …  $750     19″ x 26″

Prints … $300

Mini-prints $30 (special price!)

This image is so timely with the melting ice.  I always thought the Make a Wish foundation should have the whole edition to give out as thank- you gifts for donations.

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Against All Odds

Original  $115,000 on the secondary market 

Ap’s  $1,100   32″ x 26″

Prints  $500

Mini-prints $30 (special price)

I used this image for the cover of my second book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients” 

             Shingledecker Mini-prints!

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