My Skeleton Crew is Registered to Vote!

   Last night when they heard Mr. Trump say

dead people were voting this year, they begged me to take them and their friends  to DMV to register!  When we got there this morning, it was crazy busy.  But, they had two linesdedicated to dead people.  There was a big, new flashing sign for Democrats (that line was long)  and a small, dreary sign that said “Deplorables.”  We got in the short line.  Well, while standing there waiting our turn, I realized I didn’t have their Death Certificates, you know how strick DMV is on paperwork.  I solved the problem by putting “Pleistocene Epoch” on that line.  Then… they had to have two names so I adopted all fourteen of them! They are so happy,  meet them at the Art Stroll next week.  

         Now maybe we can get back to business! 


See how happy they are now?