Slip into Spring with Shingledecker!

Behind Every Bush     

                                                           by Bruce Shingledecker  

                         Artist proofs (5 left) $850         Print $300             Mini-print $40

     After this winter you should know which of your walls need to be enhanced!  The green in these should do the trick!   Right of Way,  Behind Every Bush and Slippery When Wet are good companion prints when framed alike.  Buy three and shippings free!

       Right of Way      

                                 by Bruce Shingledecker

             Artist Proofs  $1,500               Prints $750     

This is our best selling large print.  It is 37.5″ long by 17″ wide.  I used it for the cover of my first book which you will get as a bonus for buying it!          

    Years ago when we started publishing these prints in Juneau, Bruce would go around to the galleries and do mischievous things usually with his friend Ray.  We had the Regats legend piece, “Blind Man and the Loon” in the front window. The beak of the loon was open and irresistible to Bruce.  He would slip into the gallery when we were busy and put things in the loons mouth.  One day I came into the gallery and the loon had a cork in it’s mouth.  I don’t know how long it had been there.  Instead of choking Bruce, I had Gallery of the North frame a print of The Right of Way just like the original.  I made a tiny plastic shopping bag with my logo, cut around the ferns, and inserted the bag behind the muzzle.  It made the bear look like it was shopping at Cha for the finest… I put it where we hung the original and waited…  When Bruce came in and saw it, he screamed out thinking we had made cuts into the canvas. Ahhh, revenge is sweet.

  Voice of the Ancients  

                               by Cha Rnacircle

        Buy all four books and shipping is free!                    Peruse my site         

     If you spend $5,000 you can name a pup!  Spend $15,000 and you can name a character!  If you buy an original, you can become a character!  Books five, six and seven are ready to send to the publisher.  I’m currently working on book eleven, “Long Hard Winter.”

     Because I’m using this original as a book cover, it will increase in value.  When I get closer to publication, and know for sure that this will be the image for the cover, the price will go up to $100,000.  It would be $175,000 if we had made prints of it. 

Didn’t I just say revenge is sweet?  I started this series to entertain my Mom who was in her nineties.  We put our family members back 20,000 years into the ice age.  I had an old ex-husband whom we both hated.  We turned him into a psychopath and killed him off.  My cousin married a woman who was a really mean person, so was her sister.  I turned them into two prehistoric women of pleasure, they get into big trouble in the third book, Dawn.  They are good characters though. 

                      I work eight days a week and twelve hours a day so….

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