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    This super bison skull is so heavy and huge, it is hard to photograph. It is 32″ wide and 14.5″ from orbit to orbit.  See the scars on the nose?  Yours for $38,000. It becomes a spirit in my book series, “Voice of the Ancients.”  My 12th book is half written now, by the way!  The artifacts and the carvings will become very collectible as the years pass.  Some of them are used a lot like Pheleta’s Bird Pipe.  The bottom picture is of Eveon’s ceremonial spoon that she uses.  I love the picture, it will be by the introduction for book ten, Way Past Midnight.  Behind me in the picture, is my musk-ox skin.  It is thick with Qiviut.  Spun it sells for $200. an ounce, any spinner would love to use it.  It is so soft and light, strands will float in the air when you comb it out.  And, has no stickers!  Yours for $2,750.


Look at these!

Polar bear tooth amulets with split walrus teeth or with trade beads and bladder plugs.  Bear teeth have great healing powers.  See the Fertility Dolls?  In Juneau I had lead lined gloves for my girls to wear when they showed them.  Fertility Doctors love them!  You might know someone that would be interested…

Large necklace with trade beads and bladder plugs… $11,000

Small one with split walrus teeth $6,600

Fertility Dolls… $7,500 to $1,100 These are fastened to artifact blubber scraping tools.  I have better pictures, just ask.

For years, I collected Gaming Birds one at a time.  Finally, I had enough to make the piece below.  It is assembled with white hearts  (small red trade beads.)  If you know your birds, you can see there are Loons, Mergansers, Ducks and more.  Yours for $8,200 

I even have one with a human face!  $800.

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