Stealth Walker, the rest of the story…

       Stealth Walker 

 by Jacques and Mary Regat 

    This sculpture represents one of the images the Regats made for their interpretation of the Eagle Spirit Legend.       12″ x 14″ x 5″       $2,375

Mr. Walker was so charismatic that I invited my girl friends over to meet him.  We were drinking coffee and talking when Teresa said she loved his tunic.  Or, was it his long, glossy hair that seemed to float around his wide shoulders?  He said Transitioning was easier in leather garments, clothing now days was so… unnatural.  He motioned to his bare feet with his long hands and told us he hadn’t had a descent pair of foot coverings since the rhinos died out on the plains.  He said they would have loved his cape of eagle feathers, the women agreed wanting to hear more.  It was then he began his story…

  “Many years ago when I was young and anxious to become a great hunter, I killed an eagle and took his feathered skin without saying the proper ceremonies. How could they matter anyway?  Big mistake, let me tell you.  Well, I became a great hunter for one season anyway until things started changing.  The sun went dim first, then the grass couldn’t grow, the animals had nothing to eat.  There is nothing worse than killing a scrawny caribou.  There were no baby animals. Ice formed on the shore and the creatures of the sea went far away.  I thought my cape had lost it’s power and tried to kill another eagle.  Well, that didn’t work.”  He pulled his tunic away from his shoulder and showed the women awful scars left by long eagle talons.

  “The eagle grabbed me and we flew high into the cliffs to the nest of the Eagle Mother.  I have a fear of heights and was nauseated when we got there.  She was huge and stooped over, constantly clutching at her chest.  I thought she was having a heart attack.  But, it was her sadness.  She looked at me with those huge, piercing yellow eyes and pointed at me with her crooked talon and said it was all my fault. The ceremonies released the spirits of animals and they were able to start anew, but now, all of nature was in trouble.  Huge tears rolled down the deep furrows in her beak.  I felt so ashamed and begged for forgiveness and would have done anything to take her sadness away. Eagle Mother told me the only way was to make a drum that sounded like a heart beating.  If I could do that, it would put things right.”  We were all sitting on the edges of our seats listening to every word…


He continued, “My thoughts raced as the eagle took me back, again I felt sick.  I was a hunter and had never thought about making drums.  I tried everything.  Bent sticks and bones, nothing worked until I asked a drummer for help.  He showed me how to steam the wood to make it bend.  Then I tried all kinds of skins for the top.  Finally, I hit on something and scraped a hide so thin you could see through it. Soaked it, stretched it, let it dry and it worked!  It had the sound of a heart beat.  The sun began to shine again, the animals had food and were big with their babies.”  Everyone was quiet.  He went on… “Now I’m a free spirit, come and go as I want, talk about the old ways and help others so they don’t make the same mistakes.”

We couldn’t thank Mr. Walker enough.  I did see him slipping some amulets in to the hands of my friends as they left, but it was all good.

Stealth Walker  represents one of the images the Regats made for their graphic interpretation of the Eagle Spirit Legend.  It has six panels, 93 feet long and is installed above a dentists office in Anchorage. They could print the same forms on polished metal aluminum, a new media for them.  It would be fantastic!  If you might have an area for something like that, let me know!

Contact me  or call 541-549-1140

Below, you see Jacques and Mary Regat by their bronze sculpture of Eagle Spirit.  Behind them on the wall is a gicle of  Eagle Mother.  In their Anchorage home, there is a massive wood carving of Eagle Mother. This legend has been in their hearts and minds for years.

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