Surprise Yourself with a Shingledecker!

        In the Mist   

                 by Bruce Shingledecker

                 Prints $300                    Mini-prints $40                   17.5″ x 20.5″

     When Bruce painted this years ago, I thought it would be a good picture for a child’s room.  We released it with Alaskan Dreamer.  Both the originals sold as well as all the Artist Proofs.  I am using this image for my seventh book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients.”

     Maybe a better title for this image would be “Summer in Sisters”  Things are better now, we had some rain.  You can even see the mountain, it has a little snow!  It went from hot to cold in just a few days.  It could have been worse, thanks to the efforts of many fire fighters and so many others the fires didn’t reach the town.  This hasn’t happened since 1900.    

     In the Chill of Night 

                      by Bruce Shingledecker

Artist Proof $1,200 (secondary market)     Print $400  Mini-print $40        17″ x 26″

    The original sold years ago and then it was damaged in a flood. The artist proofs sold out, but there are two on the secondary market for sale.  

    This image is the cover of my eighth book.  I wrote a chapter in it that was so scary I couldn’t proof read it at night!

Buy all three of these images and shipping is free!  I can  roll all three together and put them in one shipping container.  Also, all three mini’s will fit together in one envelope.  It saves postage. And… no city sales tax!

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  Misty Morning

by Bruce Shingledecker

 APs  25.5″ x 18.5″  $850   Prints $400  Mini-prints $40

Eventually I hope to use this image for a book cover, it is really beautiful and there is a pup in my series named Misty.

If you spend $5,000 in my on-line store, you can name a pup!

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