by Bruce Shingledecker      $50,000



This image is an original acrylic, no prints were made.  It will be the cover of my twelfth book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients.”



       An angry wind blew the coldest of cold from north chasing all the animals onto the plains. The harsh, unrelenting wind froze everything in its path.  Even creatures with long shaggy hair had little chance to escape. Behind them came predators that walked on two legs…

           “Voice of the Ancients”

                                by Cha Rnacircle

Book eleven, “Long Hard Winter” is finished and I started book twelve!  The Shingledecker images make great covers and adds value to them as well as the carvings and artifacts that are featured in the series…   Uuka  Alocore, Eveon,Pheleta,  Pheleta’s tobacco pipe, Zuggerwulte and Tug are a few of the characters.


$50 each plus $15 to ship buy all four and you receive free shipping and a Mini-print as a bonus! 

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        Seeking immortality? 

Spend $5,000 and you can name a pup in the series.

        Spend $15,000 and you can name a character.  

                   Buy an original and you can become a character!

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