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      The Sky is Falling   

                           by  Bruce Shingledecker

  AP’s sold out …   Regular prints $750   Mini-prints $40     Edition of 1000  17.5″ x 20.5″

Polar bears will cool you down!This is the image that made Bruce famous. It was also the first print we published. The Artist Proofs have sold for $3,000 on the secondary market.  There are some regular prints with two signatures.  One was in the white margin and the other is on the image.  This is the most collectible image Bruce made!

Against All Odds is another one that will lower your air conditioning bill!  AP’s $1,100  Prints $500 Mini-prints $40  The original is on the secondary market for $115,000 

I used that image for the cover of my second book in the series Voice of the Ancients 

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These books will cool you down, they take you back 20,000 years ago into the ice age!

Arctic Summer 

       by  Jacques and Mary Regat    $4,750

                                   10.5″ x 25.5″  

This bronze sculpture has been another favorite… The mold was broken at the foundry and there are only a few left to sell.  I have a friendly time payment plan, nothing is impossible!  Shipping depending on where you are is about $300, double for out of USA

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