Voice of the Ancients

I have carved the bones of ancient animals and worked with the artifacts of early people. As I held them in my hands, they whispered their stories. Their blood flows in my veins and yours. I am the voice of the ancients, listen. The story starts 20,000 years ago...

Available Books

“Voice of the Ancients”

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As you peruse my site, spend $5,000 and you can name a pup or Mammoth in my book series, Voice of the Ancients.   The names you choose will be immortalized in literary history! By spending, you will help finance my books! Slippery When Wet, Behind Every Bush and In the Mist are ready to publish.  I finished the series, there are 12 books!

Triceratops hatchling   5.5" x 3 " x 1.75"  $200,000

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Triceratops Hatching found by Cha in Glen Rose, TX(Item ID: 192873231472)

Four Scientific Articles are now available!  PDF files are $10 each    Printed out are $30 each    


                   View of the gallery           Full 6-foot monument version of a bronze sculpture of a woman holding the eclipse, by Regats

The Eclipse Monument, a large bronze sculpture by Jacques and Mary Regat!   The perfect way to commemorate the Eclipse here in Oregon!  $33,750

Now, this is an egg!  The largest Dinosaur egg found on this continent so far by Hoka He.  He found it near Hell Creek in South Dakota.  Laid in USA!  See more in the "Fossil Gallery!"

These are Dinosaur claw pendants found by Hoka He, too! 

Fourth Scientific Article,Dinosaur Claw Study, available! 

Prehistoric Miniature Stone Carvings....  Lion with whiskers!  1.5 inches wide


Shingledecker Paintings

Alaskan artist Bruce Shingledecker painted intriguing,and spine-tingling scenes of Alaskan wildlife with a soft touch. His work captures the character and charm of Alaska’s diverse wildlife. Originals, Artist Proofs, Prints and Mini-prints available now!

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Bruce painting “Alaskan Fisherman”


Collage of Bruce’s prints!

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                 View of the gallery

Against All Odds, original (secondary market) $150,000               Run of the Salmon People by Regat  $16,750   Only three left!

 Tiny Dinosaur eggs  $125  Some are less than an inch long. 

Dinosaur eggs, tiny... with developing creatures!  $350 each

4 sea otters bronze sculpture by Regat

Lucky Catch  by the Regats  $11,750  There are only three left in the edition now.

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Bronze Sculptures

Jacques and Mary Regat bring out the beauty in life through their sculptures. They have been working together for over 43 years, sculpting in a variety of materials including stone, wood, bronze, and silver. Current editions of bronzes and new releases are here!

NEW Bronze Sculptures


                       View of the gallery

Chilkat Majesty #7  .999 pure silver, 19" tall and 25" wide on a marble base with a band of silver. $75,000. When the price of silver passes 24.25 per oz the price of the Eagle will start to increase, fun! It is like having my own stock market!

         Eagle spirit totem bronze sculpture by Regats

             Eagle Spirit Legend   $29,750

Damascus Oolu with a fossil sea cow handle and base.  $1,600  by David Mirabile.

Congratulats to David Mirabile for winning the sword making competition on the History Channel.   See David forging his winning sword on YouTube, David Mirabile Forged in Fire"   

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Polar bear tooth amulets... from a Medicine Man's necklace excavated in Alaska.  Interview with Mr. Stealth Walker, an old soul from the North...

My Super bison skull $38,000, The fossilized walrus skull is $44,000  

Prehistoric Miniature Stone carving... Saber tooth, one inch wide, .75" tall!


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